the audacity of pizza sauce burglars

If you should read this, look to the sky and imagine I’m doing the same, fully living in this same world as you, and out there, thinking, of pizza sauce robberies and shelters in the rain. I’m hoping you are happy, healthy, safe. I’m hoping you’re listening to your favorite songs and you’ve seen the stars recently.

I press myself hard to this world – I want to leave an imprint behind. It’s hard to get up and move on sometimes. I am ensnared in the deepness of my living.

Sometimes I catch myself drowning in memories, and while they are beautiful and vigorous and alive, it still makes it hard to breathe. Love is never something you can turn off; I live saturated in it, and while love is a beautiful thing to have inside I like even more to be able to let it out.

When we meet again I’ll give you a bag of cats. A whole bag. It’s a gesture of friendship, maybe, in a country somewhere. It’s how the West was won.



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