About Me

My name is Liz Dengate. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but after brief or middling stints in Ann Arbor, Isle Royale National Park, Northern California, Western Colorado, and New Zealand, I now live in Minneapolis, MN with my delightful Niko.

I’m a high school environmental science teacher at a public school with a focus in sustainability. I also direct the Sidewalk Plant Lab, volunteer with the Sierra Club’s Inspiring Connections Outdoors group, and dance and teach with the Mactir Academy of Irish Dance. In the past, I’ve worked in outdoor and environmental education for the University of Michigan, the National Park Service, the Minnesota Zoo, and the Dakota County Soil & Water Conservation District. My goal is to teach relevant, student-choice-driven, anti-racist science programming that harnesses humans’ natural curiosity.

This blog is entirely written by myself, typically on bored late evenings, and does not reflect the opinions or viewpoints of any current or past employers.

I started this blog when I moved to the Colorado desert, and Michigan girl that I am, came to a completely new appreciation of water. This blog is about the joys of diving headfirst into a deep body of water, and the struggles and sorrows of going without.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Like the grandpa piece. Faith and a backup credit card is all you’ve got in the auto department. For me it’s boats – when will I be stranded

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