another mouse

So I have some pretty awesome parents. An entirely awesome family in general, actually, which hopefully I’ve made clear in previous posts. Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and I had to work, but it was still great, as I was showered with loving greetings from so many awesome people, and also had pancakes and a homecooked meal and a bubble bath and so forth – and had a box to open in the morning, from my parents. It was packed with love and everything in it made me smile really hard. Like the beautiful card, which made me a little teary, let’s be honest, and enough candy corn to feed a small nation. And, especially, the tiny wooden mouse my dad carved for me. Another rodent in my life. And I love it to pieces, just as I love my family, and thank you all for a precious birthday. And I am debating names for my mouse now. I will keep you posted. (He likes salad.)



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