proper snow

Finally we got some snow in this place. Like a billion inches one day (which I drove in, watching bemusedly from my fantastic Subaru as other cars fishtailed in slow motion all over the road), and the sky keeps topping it up since then, like a very good waiter. I love it. See?

Photo Dec 14, 10 58 05 AM
I know it doesn’t look like much. Coloradans, Yoopers, Canadians, etc – quit chuckling.

I went hiking with Mirabeth.

Photo Dec 15, 3 56 56 PM

We heard some weird sounds, which were either created by a far-off car stuck in a snowbank or an ill Canadian goose. (Something I just thought about. What types of goose are there besides Canadian? I never think about them. So, I will go google this…And yes, there are lots. This one, the Emperor Goose, is my favorite:

The Emperor Goose, Chen canagica.

Anyway, to leave the goose diversion, it was a gorgeous hike.


Also, on the subject of snowy vistas, here is a shot of the Huron River just this morning, as Kinsey and I trooped about Ann Arbor post-breakfast. There were some mallards feeding. (There is really turning into a waterfowl-heavy post.)

Photo Dec 18, 10 49 02 AM
The Huron River, as seen from underneath the Broadway Bridge.

I’m feeling awfully restless lately, and the hikes help. My mind is restless too, simultaneously too full of both vivid memories and frantic queries and needs and wants and wonders. I want more time outside. I want to be like, trapping rabbits, and building fires, and digging snow caves, and sipping whiskey to stay warm at night. With that said, anyone have advice on setting a tent up atop snow? Should I dig down to ground level, or put the groundcloth over a layer of snow?

I await your advice.

Photo Dec 15, 5 30 11 PM



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