short attention spans

You might have noticed that my blog’s theme has changed once again. I like that this one shows the posts’ titles and dates published. Also I was just getting bored of looking at the old design. In other completely scintillating news, I also added a feed of all of the photos I take and share on Instagram – you can find THAT by clicking on the menu icon (you know, those three tiny parallel lines) at the top right of the home page.

Just in case you have just as short of an attention span as me, and are looking for new and different things to read online, because come on, this blog is definitely getting old, here are some stellar recommendations (in no particular order):

Written by brilliant people I know:

  1. Nascent Notes: very funny and often poignant musings from my friend Alina, currently working as a park ranger in Alaska |
  2. Wolff in the Wild: stunning photographs and fun stories from my friend Erin, also a park ranger, currently en route from Florida to California |
  3. Mindful American: inspiring good ideas along with entertaining asides from the rad Erica Hart |

Written by brilliant people I don’t know:

  1. XKCD Comics and Blog: comics about math and science |
  2. Semi-Rad: hilarious and get-outside-inspiring stories and drawings |

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